About Rebecca

I’m Rebecca Portsmouth, an artist based in Margate on the Kent coast in the UK. I draw from life to create original works on paper that bring truth and beauty into people’s homes.

Drawing is central to my work. I draw from life to capture truth in line and make marks that are my own. I create and sell original works on paper with pencil, inks and watercolours that are designed to live in the home, whether as individual pieces or collections.

Diffusion items are also available, including t-shirts, printables and fabrics. The fabric patterns start with sketched shapes and build into patterns with beautiful colour palettes that delight my Venus-ruled Taurus moon. These designs are created with counterpoint in mind, balancing line, shape and colour.

Spare time is best spent petting other people’s dogs, listening to tango and blues and occasionally attempting cryptic crosswords. I love train journeys, random art workshops and my favourite chocolate is Green & Black’s dark Velvet Salted Caramel Intensity.

Photos and drawings by Margate artist Rebecca Portsmouth.

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