Hi, I’m Rebecca and Margate Editions is my online art and home store, based in the Kent seaside town of Margate.

My creative process is about transformation. Adding multiple layers of translucency to a photo, mixing a beautiful palette of colours or forming a pattern from simpler elements – all have moved on from their original form or scale.

It’s a theme that has its roots when I was growing up. My parents were members of the local choral society, putting on productions of musicals by Gilbert and Sullivan and Rogers and Hammerstein. Mum would design and make costumes, after much consultation with the wardrobe mistress and dad would design and make sets.

A local painter would transform masonite cut-outs into Moorish rocks or heavenly clouds using tubes of burnt umber, raw sienna and cerulean. I would ‘help’ her. She had the patience of a saint, forever gentle and smiling.

My work often goes into spaces that have been transformed with a love of interior design and colour.

5 Easy Tips on How to Arrange Pictures in your Home

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